Tribal Cooperative Solutions

Tribal Cooperative Solutions

Creating Wealth and Opportunities For Our Community

Better Carbon Solutions has partnered with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe to utilize grant research to create a Tribal Hemp Cooperative. This Cooperative will be exploring options into using existing tribal resources and land to create systems of wealth creation within tribal communities. Together we will strengthen our local economies and create sustainable partnerships and businesses to lead us into the future.

Strategic Industry Research

We will create a tribal regulatory review and general industry consulting review prior to initiating the financial pro-forma model and feasibility study. We will provide recommendations for formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities and deliverables based on current tribal hemp policy and hemp industry standards and best practices.

Greenhouse Design

We will design a functioning, scalable layout for hemp production. The cultivation design plan will be developed using existing hemp industry knowledge and experience along with utilizing commercial horticulture/agricultural best practices. The property will be designed to be a scalable model to optimize growth strategies and will be designed to streamline operations and maximize output.

Financial Model Template

We will provide a template for a financial pro-forma model for a regulated tribal hemp enterprise to be utilized for the purpose of forecasting and estimating start-up costs, revenue figures, capital/operational expenditures, ROI, sales tax, and product selection etc. We will also create an executive summary utilizing content and figures extrapolated from the financial model.

Our Mission

Under the Farm Bill of 2018, the cultivation of Hemp in all 50 states and on Tribal land was legalized in the United States. This is a huge opportunity for Tribes to extend sovereignty over land and resources to help strengthen their local economies.

We will be researching the feasibility of creating tribally owned, large scale commercial hemp farms and production facilities of end market products on tribal lands to create sustainable systems of wealth generation. The scope of the Tribal Hemp Cooperative will include researching industry and regulations, conducting a feasibility study, creating financial models and designing greenhouse layouts for hemp, fruit and vegetable production.

Throughout this feasibility study we will be creating partnerships with other tribes to help tailor fit business solutions for their community. If you would like us to contact you with more information specific to your tribal infrastructure please fill out the survey below and we will be in contact with you.