The Better Carbon Solution

The Problem

As a species we have created a societal infrastructure that runs mostly off of non-renewable energy sources. These resources not only release harmful gases into the atmosphere, slowly removing the ability for life to exist, but also are finite and have no ability for replacement once they are gone.

There are many contributing factors to this global problem and current biomass removal processes only help to compound this very real issue. As biomass rots naturally in a landfill, it releases many harmful gases into the atmosphere. These gases help speed up the heating up of this planet and are slowly removing it’s ability for life.

Now is the time to put a stop to this. We need to create carbon neutral and negative processes that help combat the problem that we ourselves have helped create. Climate change is a real problem and we have a real solution.

Biochar Diagram

The Better Carbon Solution

Better Carbon Solutions will create efficient, sustainable systems to collect and recycle unused green biomass into usable bioproducts. We will partner with farms, local governments, I-502 facilities and foresting companies to collect green waste and divert it away from landfills. This will help relieve the facilities of the burden of removing and transporting this waste themselves as well as help capture and divert the greenhouse gases that would have otherwise been released while composting in a landfill.